is unique
and so is
their hair

We can’t help ourselves, we like what’s hand-made, familiar, what’s been worked on with care and attention to detail. That’s why we work hand in hand with specialized hair industry professionals following an individualized process. This way we understand and learn up-close about each client’s needs so that we can offer tailored solutions.

Integral Hair services
what we
do best
40 years
and counting

What we do best is to achieve the highest quality and excellence in everything we do, without sparing any cost. We are craftsmen, and so we exhaustively hand-pick the best organic hair, to make sure every client gets exactly what they’re looking for.

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We work closely with those who know the client’s hair best: hair professionals who guide and advise them during the process.
Together we design and personalize each integration system, from top to bottom.

Additionally, we offer training programs tailored to each professional, in order to provide the tools and methodology needed to: create a mold of the client’s anatomy, measure their hair area, select the hair samples and fill in our template with the necessary technical specifications to manufacture the piece (texture, color, etc.)

Once everything is settled, in our facilities in Barcelona we carefully select the natural and organic hair bundle that best match our client. This is how we achieve custom-made, unique and prime quality hair integration systems.

Because you can tell if it’s organic or not.

What differentiates Organic Hair from other types of hair is that it’s not worked or dyed, it doesn’t frizz, It’s a whole ponytail that comes from the same person, and it isn’t chemically treated nor are silicone-base products added to make it look better.

Get to know our Organic Hair

Our manufacturing workshops get to work and, once it’s done, the product comes back to us. We wash and examine it following a unique, traditional manufacturing process.

Once it has passed all quality controls, both in the workshop and in our facilities, we send it to the professional so they can apply it, style it to the client’s desires, and advise them on how to care for and use it.

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