Behind everyone’s hair
there’s a story.
This is ours.

Integral Hair

Ever since I was a child, natural hair and wig elaboration have been a part of my life. My family has been manufacturing and selling handmade hair integration systems in Barcelona for more than 40 years, which translated into a childhood spent in my parents’ workshop where doing homework and seeing them work went hand in hand.

Choosing, washing, combing, examining each hair bundle. Seeing my dad preparing the hair with such delicacy and passion awakened a curiosity in me that steered me to find new ways to work with it.

Daniel Tapias

I learned by traveling the world, visiting the best hair collection centers and manufacturers. By 2007, when I felt I was ready, I began my journey to founding Integral Hair.

I had a clear idea in mind: the best quality raw materials, a personalized, handmade and detailed manufacturing, and a tight collaboration with the sector’s professionals.

These days we receive more than 1500 highly complex new cases each year. And this maintains our curiosity as fresh as when it all began, searching together with our collaborators for new and improved solutions to develop high quality, natural results.

Only with an organic and controlled growing process can we devote to each case the necessary time and care to create the best product.

Thanks to this process we’ve become pioneers in many techniques, responding to the demands of new types of alopecia and the expectations of an increasingly global and heterogenous clientele.

But at the end of the day, this project is the end-product of all those afternoons spent in my family’s workshop. A combination of everything learnt in that period in time and my will to overcome new challenges set by market demands. If you share this way of thinking, let’s talk. I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.

Daniel Tapias, founder and owner of Integral Hair.

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